5 Beautiful Places To Visit for Nature Lovers In and Around Overton

5 Beautiful Places To Visit for Nature Lovers In and Around Overton

Overton is a village located in the non-metropolitan county of Hampshire. Most of the area is considered rural, with the earliest settlers having inhabited the land in the Stone Age. It houses many places that will pique a diversity of interests. The White Hart Overton is one of these places. Whether you are looking at staying the night or just dining in, you will have an unparalleled experience full of good ambience and with no need to book in advance, as there are plentiful tables that are free to be taken by walk-in guests.

The White Hart Overton

The White Hart Overton is the place that welcomes you with all its warmth and culture. Since this building is hundreds of years old, you’d be surprised at its historic value. Be it the historic pub or modern en-suite rooms with hints of tradition, you won’t be disappointed by this venue. Enjoy a delectable meal from a perfectly curated menu made from locally sourced ingredients. So, if you are planning a holiday in the vicinity of Winchester or Basingstoke, allow White Hart to leave an everlasting impression on you and your loved ones.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Overton For Nature Lovers

Here are the top 5 picks for nature lovers in and around Overton:

  • Test Valley Golf Club
    If you are visiting the White Hart Overton, you would be doing yourself a favour by visiting the scenic Test Valley Golf Club. This all-in-one club has several facilities available, including an in-house clubhouse, and wedding venues, and also welcomes a professional gathering in the form of conference rooms. If you are in the mood to celebrate the festive season, the Test Valley Golf Club is also hosting festive lunches every Sunday during December. A heads-up though, they follow a strict, booking-only policy!
  • Marwell Zoo
    What is a better way of interacting with nature than visiting a zoo that also offers a nice quaint walk in nature? Marwell Zoo is home to numerous exotic and endangered animals that are a rare sight now. This conservation charity was established in 1972 and now operates the Marvel Zoo. You can enjoy a walk in the fresh air admiring the scenic beauty and spotting some of your favourite animals from the books at the same time. It is a fun and interesting activity for kids as they get an opportunity to learn new things and look at their star animals in real life too. You can also feed some animals if the zoo administration allows. To name a few, you can spot zebras, penguins, Amur tigers and white rhinos here which are endangered species for the most part. Interact with the friendly staff and make your trip even more memorable. Just 30 minutes away from The White Hart, Marwell Zoo is a spot for all ages and everyone gets a chance to enjoy this amazing nature-loving spot!
  • Whitchurch Tennis Club
    If you fancy a game of tennis while at The White Hart Overton, the Whitchurch Tennis Club is your go to place! This club features a total of 7 hard courts including floodlights, to enable you to play at any time of the day. People of all skill levels and ages are welcome here. Whether you feel like challenging yourself to rigorous league games or wish to play purely as a leisurely activity, you will feel comfortable playing here, thanks to Whitchurch Tennis Club's diverse offering. Alternatively, if you are aiming to get better by seeking help with your serve, volley, forehand, backhand, or baseline play, you can choose to be coached by highly qualified professional coaches.
  • Roundwood Shooting Ground
    For people interested in connecting with nature while training for hunting season, this is the ideal place to be. The thick trees on the ground give a unique experience to nature lovers. And if you are a novice at shooting, you will have your hands full with activities to partake in. Whether you cannot hold a gun, do not know what a cartridge looks like, or even do not have any knowledge of what end the bullet comes out of, the experienced tutors will have your back. Being surrounded by nature while learning how to hunt will surely give pleasure to those who are active during the hunting season. If you are not willing to shoot it out, you are free to roam the grounds as per your liking and soak in nature’s fine work with the thick trees all around the venue.
  • Hawk Conservancy Trust
    Not only is this a place worth mentioning due to the sheer beauty of its 22 acres of pure nature, it is also famous for its fine dining and display of birds of prey. This is perfect for a family day out, guaranteeing fun for both kids and adults alike. The shows feature a wide variety of birds who are well-trained by their respective trainers to fly, show off a bit, and keep people engaged during their shows. People get to see rare species of birds up close here and admire the uniqueness of their feathers. For the kids that find this all too boring, they can choose to explore the grounds and play in the bird-themed playground that is available.


It is safe to say Overton has a bit of everything for people looking to spend a delightful time reconnecting with nature. From shooting grounds armed with thick trees to the splendid tranquillity of aerial birds. At the end of the day, you can cap it all off with an all-rounded dinner at The White Hart Overton to make the whole family’s day. And to make it even better, you should book a suite there as well to enjoy the traditional yet modern stay full of amenities. So, if you are a fan of nature and exciting activities at the same time, you are going to love Overton.

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